Our vision is to move Medicine, surgery,
dentistry and vetinarery science in Sri Lanka to
the 21st century and let the people and
practitioners enjoy these modern technologies.



“We promote the success and growth of the
healthcare of our nation and its people by
supplying the best of global brands to improve
their health & enrich their lives ”


Global Biocare was established in 2011, in order to supply Global Brands of
health care in Sri Lanka.

Our core areas of expertise remain in Dentistry as Global Biocare is a
subsidiary of Cosmetic Dentistry (Pvt) limited, a Leader in Dental supplies in
Sri Lanka.

We manufacture several types of disinfectents and chemicals under our own

Company goals

Constantly seeking innovation and improvement in delivery, communications,
and ease in doing business, to provide the highest level of satisfaction.

We are committed to unparalleled customer service, the highest business
ethics and the welfare and development of our customers.

We encourage our employees to thrive and grow through training, coaching,
and our unique family business focus.

We are a sensitive and active supporter of our community and our global
environment through eco-friendly products and internal company functions.

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