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Elite Mosquito Forceps

Rs. 2,850.00
ED-150-002 Mosquito Forceps
Hartman Mosquito forceps are used as both a hemostat and for fine tissue dissection in shallow wounds and procedures. Known for their fine tips, short, and fully serrated jaws, these Hartman Mosquito Forceps can be used as a clamping instrument to halt blood flow so that cauterization or ligation can be performed.
Made in Singapore.

Elite Needle Holder Curved Surgical

Rs. 2,850.00
ED-150-028 Needle Holder Curved Surgical
Needle holders are used to grasp and manipulate needles to enable free-hand suturing of surgical incisions within the body during laparoscopic procedures. Needle holder jaws are made of high quality tungsten carbide metal which gives very good grip over surgical needle.
Made in Singapore.

Elite Needle Holder Straight Surgical

Rs. 2,580.00
ED-150-027 Needle Holder Straight Surgical
a surgical instrument, similar to a hemostat, used by doctors and surgeons to hold a suturing needle for closing wounds during suturing and surgical procedures.
Made in Singapore.

Elite Needle Holder Surgical Coated Crile Wood

Rs. 3,550.00
ED-150-027x Needle Holder Surgical Coated Crile Wood
Crile-Wood Needle Holder is used to hold and guide small to medium size needles and suture materials. The Crile-Wood Needle Holder has a gently tapered, blunt tip and is generally more delicate than the Mayo-Hegar but slightly less delicate than Webster, Halsey, or DeBakey needle holders.
Made in Singapore.