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Bio Plus Glass Cleaner

Rs. 2,350.00
BioPLUS glass cleaner leaves glass bright and shiny. BioPLUS cleaner is the ideal cleaner for glass windows, doors, mirrors, display cases and all other glass surfaces indoors & outdoors.

BioPLUS Aloe Vera Hand Wash Soap free

Rs. 3,500.00
BioPLUS Aloe vera hand wash soap free, 3x faster germ kill, refreshes & smooth.

BioPLUS lavendar hand wash

Rs. 300.00
BioPLUS lavendar hand wash contains soap free hand wash, 3x Faster germ kill, Refreshes & Smooths, 280ml, hypo allergenic

BIoPLUS Liquid Bleach

Rs. 2,350.00
BIoPLUS Liquid Bleach disinfects and deodorizes, kills germs, removes stains. makes white fabric whiter! 4 liter.

BioPLUS Tile and grout Cleaner – 4ltr

Rs. 2,750.00
BioPLUS Tile and grout Cleaner - 4ltr. Using bioPLUS tile and grout cleaner cleans the floor of your house and gives it a good hine. Kills germs, non-sticky. Try using BioPLUS tile and grout cleaner to get the difference today.